Hi! I'm Sav.




Sweat With Sav is a virtual feel GREAT follow along workout program fueled by dynamic exercises, fresh music, and good vibes. Challenge your mind and body, find your joy, and celebrate your strength through movement.

Yes, you can sweat with us.


Come take a live class with us on Zoom, where you'll immerse yourself in our community. Being able to see everyone on camera transforms the online experience, as though we’re really in a studio together!



Move with me anytime, anywhere, no matter how busy you are. The on demand library has over 300 videos to choose from. Check out NEW TO SWS if you're looking for a place to start!

Signature Classes


Feel great class with choreographed, bodyweight only, exercises to the beat of the music.


Low-impact class focusing on building  endurance through mindful & powerful movement with weights.


Beat based. High vibes. Combining both Sweat & Sculpt concepts for an awesome workout, leaving no muscle untouched!

"Sav leads her classes with positivity, inclusivity, and motivation. Questions are welcomed and everyone is encouraged and celebrated to do just as much as they’re comfortable with. It's super fun AND a tough workout." -Arianna Z.

"Sav has the best energy! She has me feeling motivated the whole class. She also cheers you on by calling out your name which makes you feel the love! She is so welcoming and interactive and you do really feel like you're part of her team." -Mia R.

"This was my first SWS class & wow I feel gooooood. I left my watch behind & she gave such beautiful cues to just nap into what my body needed. I'd been in a bit of a workout rut & this totally rejuvenated me. I'll be back for more! Thank you so much for your infectious energy." -Marina G.

"It is honestly the most comfortable I have ever felt in a group fitness class. I feel I have more energy to give  because of this  self care. I have found more confidence in myself and the ability to let loose and have fun while moving my body." -Eileen K.

"Sav is such an inspiring and motivating teacher. She provides plenty of modifications that made a newbie feel comfortable while also encouraging me to do more than I thought I could. I feel so supported by her and the 10 Day crew. Thank you Sav, you are AMAZING! -Bekah A.

"It’s really great when you’re able to attend the live classes with the personal shoutouts and direct words of encouragement from Sav...You will end up making time for Sav’s classes because they are truly addicting." -Kelly A.

"Sav has electric energy and joy throughout her class. You can't help but catch that same energy, too! Although it was such a challenging class, she made it feel so fun!" -Erin H.

About Sav

I’ll be honest — I used to be a fitness studio junkie, taking lots of different classes throughout the week. When the pandemic hit and businesses closed, I made an effort to continue moving my body primarily to keep my spirits high. What started out as a small group of friends tuning into my workouts via Zoom quickly grew into a virtual group fitness program with overwhelming support. I recognized my passion for teaching, uplifting others, and spreading joy through movement, and that’s when Sweat with Sav was born.  

This program is made for everyone (yes, you!) no matter where you are on your fitness journey. If you are just starting out, having trouble staying motivated, or finding yourself bored in your workout routine, you’ve come to the right place!

Let's get social!